Nori Tamaki 07
Nori Tamaki 07

Ideal for deliveries, shops, sushi bars, because they keep their shape well, DO NOT burst, DO NOT get wet.

For those who like denser burrows that are less torn. They chew well.

Nori Tamaki 07 is homogeneous, crunchy, delicious and flavorful.

They are good for both classic and hot rolls and deep-frying.

Excellent price for a category "C" nori.

  • Taste Dense crispy leaves with algae-like flavors, without extraneous flavors. The taste is salty and iodic
  • Color Brown-greenish color. Beautiful, smooth sheets, without holes, without foreign inclusions, without mixing algae of cheaper species. The lumen of the sheet is uniform, there are no light and dark areas. The surface of the sheet is shiny
  • What is it used for For cooking hot and cold sushi, rolls, soups, gunkans. Ideal for deliveries, do NOT change the properties and appearance when storing finished products. They are cut and added to Asian soups, salads, nori pates are prepared
  • Category Middle category "C"
  • The tradition of the recipe Traditional roasting technology
  • Composition Nori algae 100%
  • Cost-effectiveness 1 pack of 100-sheets is enough for 1600 classic rolls
  • Quality Standard
  • Gives the dish special properties The cooked roll does not fall apart, it is easy to chew
  • Pure product 100% natural product
  • Packaging Packing 100 sheets, Zip Lock, package weight 300 g
  • Country of origin China
  • Unit of measurement Packaging
  • Number of units per pack 100 sheets
  • Shelf life 24 months
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