Kimchi sauce Tamaki / Tamaki PRO
Kimchi sauce Tamaki / Tamaki PRO

Kimchi Tamaki  is bright and burning, like our passion for Pan-Asian cuisine.

The history of the creation of Kimchi began centuries ago. Then all the available food was quite simple and required variety in the form of various dressings and sauces. Now more than 170 Pan-Asian dishes are prepared with Kimchi.

Kimchi Tamaki has preserved all the secrets of traditional cooking technology. It contains completely ingredients: water, chili pepper paste, sugar, garlic, salt, paprika, fish sauce (anchovy extract, salt, sugar), apple vinegar and alcohol vinegar.

Thick, with fruity notes of Kimchi Tamaki is the leader of sales and the winner of most blind tastings. The sauce is used to make soups, hot dishes, salads and spicy sauces. With Kimchi, you can create dozens of flavor combinations and stretch this pleasure to infinity.

  • Taste Rich, burning, spicy taste. It can not be called excessively spicy, but rich and tasty-quite
  • Colour Bright red color with a slight orange tint
  • Fragrance Fresh and pleasant aroma in addition with fruity notes
  • Consistency Thick because of the large percentage of vegetables in the composition
  • What is it used for It is used for cooking spicy (spicy) sauces, hot dishes. It is also used for frying meat and soups
  • Tradition of recipe It is made according to the traditional Korean recipe
  • Composition volumes of 0.24l/0.47l/1.8l Ready-made hot pepper paste, garlic, ginger, red paprika, apple cider vinegar, fish sauce
  • Composition volumes of 1.5l Chili pepper - 20%, paprika, garlic, fish sauce, tomato paste, apple cider vinegar, ginger
  • Cost-effectiveness Very economical sauce. Sharp, concentrated, it lasts for a long time.
  • What properties does a dish give Gives the dish an authentic taste and sharpness
  • Production nuances It is made from fresh (not dried) chili pepper and garlic, gives freshness to the dish
  • How is it different from others Thicker, has a natural taste
  • Country of origin Russia
  • Shelf life 12 months
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