Nori seaweed Tamaki
Nori seaweed Tamaki

Nori Tamaki are made from the upper part of algae - the most fragrant part. Premium product of class "B".

Not thick and not very thin, but denser than others. They are so elastic that they will suit not only experienced, but also novice craftsmen.

Algae behave perfectly on delivery: they keep their shape, do not come apart, do not burst and do not delaminate.

Good for hot rolls and deep-frying.

Nori Tamaki is for those who always need the same great and stable quality from delivery to delivery.

  • Taste Delicate uniform taste, inherent in algae, without foreign aftertaste
  • Colour Moderately thin, fragrant, crispy green leaves with a golden sheen
  • What is it used for For making sushi
  • Consistency Crunchy but not brittle. The material is evenly distributed, there are no pronounced light and dark areas
  • Category High (category "B")
  • Appearance Smooth green color, without extraneous inclusions
  • Tradition of recipe, production Manufactured using traditional Japanese technology
  • Compound Nori seaweed 100%
  • Profitability 1 pack of 100 sheets is enough for 1600 classic rolls
  • Quality Made only from the best raw materials in a single plant, stable quality for 10 years
  • What properties does a dish give The prepared roll does not fall apart, it is easy to chew
  • Pure product 100% natural product
  • Package Packing 100 sheets, Zip Lock, packing weight 300 grams
  • What tastings, competitions did you win? One of the best products on the market
  • What is better than other well-known analogues? Consistently high quality
  • The country of manufacture China
  • Unit of measurement Package
  • Number of units in a package 100 sheets
  • Shelf life 24 months
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